Skytron 3500 EZ Slide General Purpose Table:  Notice of obsolescence  Through a mix of continual innovation and proven solutions, Skytron is committed to meeting the  advancing needs of the healthcare market. For more than 40 years, Skytron has led the industry in new  product introductions. Due to the dynamic needs of the healthcare industry as well as Skytron’s  commitment to bringing the proper solutions to the market, all products must become obsolete after a  certain period.  Skytron’s 3500 Series General Purpose Surgical Table production began in 1993 ending in 2005. Effective  immediately, all 3500 EZ Slide tables are obsolete.    Skytron Product Lifecycle  Typically, Skytron products have a sales lifespan lasting between 5 and 15 years, contingent upon  technological advancements. At the end of a products sales life, the product is discontinued. Skytron’s  policy is to provide both service support and parts replacement for up to 10 years post discontinuation.  This policy is subject to change based upon advances in technology, which may not allow for the support  of parts throughout the entire 10‐year period. After the 10‐year period or the depletion of available  parts, the product will become obsolete and no longer supported. Like discontinuation, Skytron’s  obsolescence policy relates to both product parts and servicing. Up until obsolescence, Skytron will  always provide replacement parts and technical support, including the certification of authorized service  technicians for all current and discontinued products. Skytron certified technicians are continually  advised on the lifecycle status of all products. In accordance with the GMP and FDA policies, Skytron  does not support non‐certified service or rebuilding of Skytron products, nor does the company condone  the use of aftermarket parts for current or obsolete products. Skytron’s policy is in compliance with  Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and subject to the review of the FDA for compliance.  Please let me know if you have additional questions.